Clarisonic Heirloom Tomatoes…results 

In Clarisonic Heirloom Tomatoes blog post I lamented about how my tomatoes weren’t getting pollinated. I was determined to do something about this very sad situation below:

Yes, many flowers all withering away on the vine. Where are the bees?
Again, same situation different tomato plant.

And then I got out my handy dandy Clarisonic face scrubber.

I buzzed every flower I could find.
 A week later and this is the result:

Why “hello baby Supersonic tomatoes!”
Why “Hello little Brandywines”.

I had gone through about three bloom cycles before this with only two tomatoes making an appearance. Now, I am getting at least 50% of the flowers pollinated, probably more. I did change what the Instructables site said to do a little:

Instead of putting the brush on the backside of the flower, I just put it directly on the front. I figure, that’s what the bees do so, what’s good enough for them, is good enough for me.

I know now in the future I need to work on getting more plants that attract more pollinators. In the meantime, I will resume my new part time job as a tomato plant stud. I even got some of my Striped German plant going, before this, it was completely barren. 

Update….a week later….bam, I’m just blowing up tomatoes!

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