Clarisonic Heirloom Tomatoes?!!

There’s a bee shortage, or haven’t you heard? The yield granted from a heirloom tomato plant is heavily dependent on certain “pollinizers” to actually seek, find and buzz the “heirloom tomato making juice” into the flower honeypot. This causes the little tomato flower to transcend form into a little baby tomato which will turn into a huge, delicious, juicy heirloom tomato.

The only problem is, there just doesn’t seem to be enough pollinizers to go around in my little garden…. I have seen too many a flower get ignored and then quickly shrivel up and die on the vine. Not again! No more! I demand equality for all heirlooms! Not just this one:

Here is my one big tomato, right next to it you see the sad shriveled up unpollenized flower. So sad.

So, sometimes a gal has to take things into her own hands… I did what any self respecting rookie gardener obsessed with Caprise would do: I Googled it. I looked up “how to self pollinate heirloom tomatoes” and found this Instructables entry. It would seem I could conceivably self pollinate with some sort of high pulsing buzzing device….Hmmmm….hmmm….

Well, when I couldn’t find where I hid the first thing that popped into mind, I thought of my Clarisonic Sonic face scrubber thingy….

I buzzed every tomato flower I saw….

Putting my overpriced face clarifier to a good second use.
I’ll keep this blog updated….

Wait and see…

3 thoughts on “Clarisonic Heirloom Tomatoes?!!

  1. Now that is called repurposing in a very creative way and make up for a lack of bees. Neonicotinoid is an insecticide that is assassinating our little friends. Personally I love strawberries ,all berries,all fruits in the NW, the fruit loop in the fall, and cherries in July! And many veggies too. They all depend on our friends the bees to produce the bounty.

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