My Organic Garden

Been busy lately learning how to garden in my back yard. This was the year that I am finally going to put all of the research into practice and really dive into the growing game.


Supersonic tomato, Valencia heirloom tomato, Striped German heirloom tomato, Brandywine heirloom tomato with a side of basil, Marigolds and parsley.

This is one of three boxes as you see below:

We recently cut back a huge 40-year-old spindly Laurel in our back yard, what it revealed was a goldmine: a section of our yard the got full sun in the Spring/Summer for at least 8 hours! Obviously we need to build planter beds right here!

All three planters made expertly out of cedar by my painstakingly precise father. Thanks Dad!
And then plant as many plants as we can and plant them early! These were planted as early as May. (That’s pretty early for us in the Pacific North West) Let’s just say that this nervous new gardener was out in the yard surrounding her tomato plants with bubble wrap…. Yes, I did that.

First little beet plants, aren’t they just so cute?

First Kale seeds to sow.

Those beets today!

This is the first tomato that fertilized, one of the many flowers on my Supersonic tomato actually was alluring enough to get fertilized! Just like that and now we have a little baby Supersonic tomato.

That same Supersonic today! I’m so very proud.

Meanwhile, stay tuned, I’m in the process of teaching myself to knit lace!

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