Auction Now Scarf

I had a really good time designing and making this particular scarf because it was actually auctioned off to support my best friends child’s kindergarten school. I made it wide and extra long with a slip stitch technique utilizing both bulky and worsted weight yarns. I was experimenting with yarns I got from JoAnn’s and Micheals. From JoAnn’s I got a bulky alpaca and poly mix (=washable) from a line called Buttercream and from Micheals I used one of Issac Mizrahi’s worsted variegated yarns (yes, he makes yarn…) made out of a combination of bamboo, and acrylic. I used this Craftsy tutorial to teach myself the two color linen stitch and off I went. It was a nice easy mindless knitting project. The key was the combination of the skinny and fat yarns together, this captured big texture! I was very happy with the result and I hope whoever won it enjoys it next winter!


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