The Aster Hat

The Aster Hat was designed and made with love for my daughter. I have fallen in love with Fair Isle knitting but wanted to create a design that incorporated less traditional materials. I used two worsted weight smooth yarns and added a polyester soft fuzzy yarn. Yureeka, I discovered that the very nature of the fair isle technique allowed for the fuzzy yarn to add an inside “liner” to the hat and further insulate it! This being done while also adding a fun and youthful texture to the outside! 

She loved her hat and I finally found a hat so cozy that she actually kept it on her head. Yes, I am once again using “my” signature colors here but, she’ll be able to make her own decisions soon enough.

Here is the pattern:

The Aster

Skill level: Intermediate

Skills: knit, purl, long tail cast on, ribbing, stranded knitting, read color work charts, decrease and increase stitches.

Finished Measurements

Fits toddlers with 18inch to 21 inch circumference head measurements

Recommended Materials

Size 7US 16inch circular needles, 8US 16inch circular needles, 6 place markers, DPN or Magic Loop

Recommended Yarn: Yarn A: 100 yards any worsted weight yarn (Berroco Ultra Alpaca used here), Yarn B: 50 yards coordinated variegated yarn, Yarn C :50 yards fuzzy yarn such as: Schachenmayr SMC Sheila Soft Mini or equivalent like Bernat Boa or Bernat Pipsqueak. 

Gauge: 23 sts. & 12 rows = 4 inches

THE PATTERN: (Yarn A) Using size 7 needles, CO 72 using long-tail cast on method, PM in beginning and join in round, careful not to twist.

THE CUFF: Round 1: (Yarn A) *k1, p1…rep from * till end of rnd. (repeat rnd 1 until work reaches approx. 1 inch long then switch to size 8 needles)

Next (inc) Rnd 2: (Yarn A) *(K8, M1)….rep from * till end of rnd. – 80 stitches


Rnd 1: Work 8 st rep 11 times. Continue to follow chart in this way through Rnd 27. Now begin Crown Shaping. Change to size 7 needles.

CROWN SHAPING: Place 6 place markers, including the initial place marker, evenly across the 80 stitches in the round – approx 13.3 stitches in each interval, there will be one interval with more than 13, this is okay, just make it as even as you can. NOTE: Drop to DPN or Magic Loop Method when/if decreases are no longer comfortable. 

Rnd (Dec) 1: *(K to 2 sts before m, K2tog)….rep from * till end of rnd – 80 to 74 sts

Rnd 2: knit

Rnd (Dec) 3: *(K to 2 sts before m, K2tog)….rep from * till end of rnd – 74 to 68 sts

Rnd 4: knit

Rnd (Dec) 5: *(K to 2 sts before m, K2tog)….rep from * till end of rnd – 68 to 62 sts

Rnd 6: knit

Rnd (Dec) 7: *(K to 3 sts before m, K3tog)…..rep from * till end of Rnd – 62 to 50 sts

Rnd (Dec) 8: *(K to 3 sts before m, K3tog)…..rep from * till end of Rnd – 50 to 38 sts

Cut yarn, leaving an 8 inch remnant, and pull through remaining sts, draw up and secure. Block if preferred. Enjoy!

This pattern is for personal use only, any commercial interests must be specifically given permission from Chloé Elliott Designs. Please email with any inquiries. Thank you.

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