Teacher Coffee Cozy

So, I have been having a little bit of a love affair with knitting coffee cup cozies. They are quick to knit and I feel super Portland cool when I break one out at one of those infamous Portland coffee shops. I equate it to that smug feeling that some bike riders feel in relation to us gas guzzling car drivers.  “I am better than you because I am keeping my carbon footprint low, you are the devil who is polluting our earth and heating up our atmosphere,” they seem to say as they wiz on by. Yes, I am a horrible polluter but, do you have a personally designed, handmade, reusable baby alpaca coffee cozy? No? I thought not!

The coffee cozies are seriously super fun to do design experiments on. They are kind of like my version of a first in-the-round practical knitting project, similar to knitting a dish towel except much cooler.

This one I designed, made and distributed to my sons preschool teachers. They were quite the team and they made this first year my son was at school much much less stressful then it could have been. I really really appreciated all of their work and their supernatural level of patience with my son but, also with me.

I’m using a combination of worsted weight yarns for the bottom and bulky weight yarn on the top. Using a combination of seed stitch with stranded knitting it forms a naturally sloped shape which is perfect for the contours of a typical disposable cup from a coffee shop.

Get pattern for free here: The Teacher Coffee Cozy

One thought on “Teacher Coffee Cozy

  1. There is a drive thru coffee place that gives you boiling hot coffee ( you know who you are) and I think it is still actually boiling when they hand your paper cup to you. They do give you a paper jacket but I whip out my handy dandy teacher coffee cozy made with thick boiling hot coffee shield alpaca yarn and feel quite safe (I hand it to the barista and he puts the cozy on). Although I don’t drink it for another 1/2 an hour because my lips have no shield!


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